Health & Mental Health.

The World Health Organization defines Health as "a state of complete physical,

mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." "Mental health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is "a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community."

I appreciate the ease with which clients can access the mental health interventions we discuss in session with the 'My Cheerleader' app on the Amazon echo. Alexa helps to remind the client how they can change their self talk on a daily basis. - Angeline Hendrickson LMHC


The Frontier of Mental Health and Mental Fitness Training

My Cheerleader is designed to turn your Amazon Echo into your personal tool to increase mental strength and build mental resilience.

With a free forever cheer pack of 100 positive affirming statements, My Cheerleader is ready to encourage immediately. Expanded features are available though your MassInflux account include having Alexa encourage you by name, create custom cheer packs, and share cheer packs with friends and family members.

At MassInflux our goal is to research, create, test, and validate tools like MyCheerleader that can help individuals achieve mental health as the GHO defines it by strengthening their brain and building its resilience and ability to cope.

My Cheerleader is an Alexa skill designed to increase your positive mindset.

Studies show that having a positive outlook increases your success by increasing Amygdala activity in your brain - affecting your ability to be creative, handle challenges, and process information quickly and accurately.

Thinking positively and having a happier outlook also increases overall longevity by improving heart function and increasing resiliency (one's ability to bounce back after a trauma).

Press Release


Entrepreneurs in the United States are famous for working hard all the time. But what do you do when all the hard work hasn't paid off yet and you hear niggling whispers of self doubt?

One entrepreneurial couple, owners of MassInflux, LLC where they focus on projects that benefit the world, wanted to leverage Amazon's bid to take over the home automation segment with Alexa and the suite of Alexa skills into something that could help people with mental strength and resilience and positive self-talk.

They have developed and launched an Alexa skill called "MyCheerleader" which comes preprogrammed with 100 affirmative quotes and statements they call "cheers", and is customizable to add your name or use with any quotes, verses, or positive self-talk statements you choose. Amazon certified the app and released it in the Alexa skill store on December 13th 2016.

The basic product is free and customization starts at $1.99. "We want Alexa users to be able to use their new technology to increase mental wellbeing through positive self-programming." Says cofounder Alice Vo Edwards who is involved in thier hometown of Las Vegas in research and workshops on happiness and well-being. Alice says the project was inspired after seeing how attached her elderly father, who lives alone, was to his Alexa and how much he likes having it tell him things.

How does MassInflux expect users to use the skill? Alice envisions parents programming affirmation statement for their kids, and adult caretakers of aging parents providing affirmation, love, and favorite quotes to parents.

MassInflux has also received favorable reviews from life coaches and therapists on using the skill to help patients practice positive messaging in between sessions. "I appreciate the ease with which client's can access the mental health interventions we discuss in session with the 'My Cheerleader' app on the Amazon echo. Alexa helps to remind the client how they can change their self talk on a daily basis." Says Angeline Hendrickson, LMHC.

"When you hear Alexa saying something to you, especially when it's a statement you know someone else who cares about you, wrote, it is a joyous feeling," says Alice.

Future feature sets are in the works, including access on other devices such as the Apple/Siri interface, additional pre-made Cheer packs for people dealing with different issues such as self-doubt or anxiety, a meditation interface, and an interface to connect health professionals to data about frequency of usage for their patients.

To use MyCheerleader for free, install the skill, MyCheerleader from the Amazon store. Then, say to your Echo, "Alexa, open my Cheerleader." To customize your cheers, go to

To find MyCheerleader in the Alexa store, go to

To use My Cheerleader, simply install the skill, then say,

"Alexa, open My Cheerleader."

My Cheerleader will play a randomized selection from your active cheer pack.

Life coaching and mental health

Counseling professionals can utilize the share feature with clients to reinforce throughout the week positive messaging customized to each clients needs.

Sales professionals

Can pump themselves up with positive messaging before and between sales calls.


Practitioners can program meditation prompts.


How MyCheerleader can help you be your best self, today!